The idea of bringing a chair massage service at your workplace is growing in popularity.

Wellness at work and healthy work environment are very important factors that are gaining acknowledgement in the corporate world and are given some considerations for the success of a company and the growth of a strong team. Find out how we can be a benefit to your business!

Healing Hands believes that a successful company is closely linked to the strength and skills that each individual brings to the team.

Many factor contribute to a strong productive team:

  • Strong leadership
  • Tools and equipment to maximize best output
  • Skills and aptitudes of each staff member
  • Environment of support and respect within the team

Some of the challenges that companies face that affect productivity and output:

  • injuries
  • extended sick leave

Statistics show that repetitive strain injuries are a very common cause and a costly claim for prolonged sick leave affecting a company and the rest of the staff.

Here is how Healing Hands Mobile Chair Massage steps in

Offering regular chair massage at your office is a way to:

  • Promote and support wellness at work to maintain productivity
  • Offer your staff easy access to massage to help reduce tension and strain in the body
  • Prevent long term injuries, repetitive strain injuries and sick leave
  • Communicate to your staff that they are valued
  • Become one of the most well regarded company to work for!


  1. Prevention of repetitive injuries
  2. Relieve stress reduce tension
  3. Relax and revitalize
  4. Reduce chronic pain
  5. Increase mobility

Regular on-site rates:

  • 1 massage purchase $28.50+tax
  •  On-going program hourly rate $85.00 + tax
  • One time event $95.00 hr +tax

Looking forward to hearing from you!

250-383- 4300

Bring Chair Massage to Your Business
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